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Custom Fields are useful for tracking additional information for each quote. For example, custom fields could capture lead source, auto-incrementing quote number or pipeline status. Quotes can be filtered by custom fields. For instance, a view can show all quotes with a pipeline status of 'Sold'. Custom Fields appear on the quote detail page for all quotes. To input information for each quote, click the Edit Quote Info... button.

Warning: Deleting a custom field permanently deletes any information entered in that field on all quotes.

Step-by-step: Define a Custom Field

  1. Select Quote > Edit Settings menu
  2. Select Custom Fields tab
  3. Click the New Quote Custom Field... button 
  4. Enter a name, select a data type and click OK.
    * New field appears in Quote Info section of Quote Detail page for all new and existing quotes.
    • Auto-number - automatically assigns the next sequential number. You can assign a number to all existing quotes or just new quotes -- use the checkbox to indicate whether values should be generated for existing quotes. If you change the data type of an existing custom field to auto-number, you have the option of assigning a number to all existing fields that are blank. Fields with existing values will remain unchanged.
    • Currency - field will print with a currency symbol and 2 decimal places.
    • Date - ensures a valid date is entered and to allow filtering based on dates
    • Link - for a hyperlink to a website or an email address
    • List of values - define a specific set of values for a field. This type can also be used to filter.
    • Multi-line text - for long data entry fields such as notes
    • Number - only numbers are allowed
    • Text - for data entry fields up to 80 characters

Step-by-step: Add a Custom Field to Quotes View

To display a new custom field on the Quote List ( View Quotes) page:

  1. Select Quote > View Quotes menu
  2. Click Options... button 
  3. Click Select Fields... and select the fields you'd like to display. Drag and drop the fields to change the order.
  4. To save this view, click Save View..., enter a name and check if this should be the default view. Click OK

Step-by-step: Filter Quotes View by Custom Field

To create a Quotes View filtered by a custom field of type ('list of values', date or number):

  1. Select Quote > View Quotes menu
  2. Click Options... button
  3. Click Add Filter... button
  4. Select the Filter Type (CG) Quote Field and select a custom field from the drop down
  5. Make filter selections and click OK
  6. Click OK again to return to the Quotes page
  7. (optional) Click Save View... and enter a name

Step-by-step: Add a Custom Field to Printable Quote

To display a custom field on a printed quote:

  1. Select Quote > Edit Settings menu
  2. Double-click the Form Template name
  3. Click on the form where the custom field should appear and select Insert Field...
  4. Select Quote Info as the data type and then select the custom field
  5. (optional) Edit the printable form field, set Alignment and check Hide field when blank
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