Creating Custom Account / Quote Views


Views displaying lists of accounts and quotes can be tailored for each user to focus on the data that they care about. Views can be shared (available to all users) or restricted to just the user who created the view (via setting 'My View' when saving).

Step-by-step: Creating Views

  1. Select Account > View Accounts or Quote > View Quotes
  2. Click Options... button. The Options dialog box has slight variations if it is an Account or Quote view.  View concepts:
    • The first few selection options filter the records to be included/excluded from the view.
    • Filters provide additional logical selection criteria for the view.
    • Click the Select Fields... button to add fields to the view. Drag & drop fields to change the order.
    • Change the number of rows that display on each page. To export the view data to Excel, set the rows per page to a number greater than the total number of rows in the view.
  3. After selecting the options you would like, click OK. The page will now be displayed as you specified in the options.
  4. optional To save the view you just created, click Save View... and enter a name.

Additional View Tips

  • To see a list of available views, click the Views button to the right of the Options... button.
  • To make a view your default view, click on [Make default] next to the view name.
  • To define a default view for users who have not chosen one, create a view named "Standard view". This view will become the system default for any user who has not explicitly selected a default view.
  • To replace an existing view, click Save View... and then click Select... and select the name of the view to overwrite.
  • To delete a view, click on the "X" icon to the right of the view name.
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