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Instead of having a separate price for each countertop material color, colors can be bundled into  Price Groups. This is especially convenient for manufactured materials like Corian or Silestone that already come in groups, or if you price granite or other materials within different price levels.



  1. Select PriceList > View Price Lists menu
  2. Click a Price List and choose Edit Price List... 'name'
  3. For each product, add Price Groups by clicking Add Price Groups
  4. Enter the name of each group, and optionally enter a price for each group. Click OK
  5. Scroll down to the end of the colors for the product and click on Assign Colors 
  6. Select the colors that belong to the group and click OK
  7. Repeat for remaining price groups
  8. Click Save... near the top of the page

Note: The price for the group is used for the individual colors, but you can choose to price a Quote by either color or group.

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