Creating a Quote with Multiple Colors

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It's possible to create a Quote that shows customers multiple options of materials, colors, and edges.

NOTE: Do not use the Color Options feature if you are quoting material by slab and the slabs differ in size.



Creating a Quote with color options:

A. Draw your countertop quote as you normally would on Steps 1 through 4.

B. On  Step 5, pick the first product, color, and edge.

C. When you want to add another option, click the  Add Color Option button

D. Now, choose a different product, color, and edge.

Creating a Quote Form to display a Quote with color options:

Before printing a quote with all of the color options, a new Quote Form must be created that shows them.

  1. Select Quote::Edit Settings menu
  2. One easy way to create a new form is to Duplicate an existing quote form.
  3. Add a Color Options field, by clicking the text at the bottom Click to add fields to the body of the form
  4. Move the new field by dragging it to the right location

When you print a quote with the  Color Options field, you’ll see a summary of the quote in multiple colors and edges.

You may want to alter the Quote Lines field to show less price detail when using a form with Color Options:

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