Drawing a Vanity that extends over a Toilet

In order to create a bathroom counter with a section that extends over the toilet:

  1. Draw a rectangle
  2. Go to 2 Curves & Bumpouts, click on one end, and choose Add Bump-Out
  3. Set Depth to be the "length" of the extension and Width to the distance the extension comes out from the wall. Set Position Left or Right and Distance 0.
  4. The result looks like this:

NOTE: When creating bumpouts, the entire rectangle is expanded for purposes of calculating square feet. So in this example, sq feet are calculated as (81.5  + 30) * 25.5 / 144 = 19.7

One limitation of this approach is that there is no way to specify a curved corner on the bumpout or the inside corner

Here's another way to do it that requires fewer clicks but more math ...

  1. Again, start with a rectangle, but add the length of the extension (30 inches in our example) to it

  2. Go to 2 Curves & Bumpouts, click on the corner to be removed, and choose Notch
  3. Make the Length 30 and the Depth equal to your counter depth minus the depth of the extension, so 25.5 - 12 = 13.5 in this example.
  4.  The result looks like this:

The notch corner is ignored for square footage calculation, so it should be intuitive that this example also comes out to 111.5 * 25.5 / 144 = 19.7 square feet.

Again, there's no way to specify "corners within corners" so there is no way to draw inside or outside curves on the extension.

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