Change default Slab size on Price List

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Slab size is used to determine the price of a slab and the size of the slab on a layout. Default slab size can be set for each product or color on the price list. Changing the default dimensions for an individual color is really useful for natural stone products like granite or marble. For those types of materials, the slab sizes can vary wildly depending on the color or country of origin. You can also override the default size on individual quotes. (see Related Article)



To change the default slab measurements for a product on a Price List:

  1. Go to Price List > View PriceLists
  2. Double-click on the price list name to edit
  3. Click   to expand the material list
  4. Next to the product, click the edit icon  and enter the default slab measurements
  5. Click Save... button at top of page

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