Change Email Reply-to Address & Subject


Email Templates contain a  Reply-To email address and From Name, along with the default text that will appear in the email Subject line and Body. You can have just one email template sent from "" or you may choose to have a customized template for each salesperson sent from his or her own email address.


To create a new  Email Template with a different Reply-To Email address:

  1. Go to Quote::Edit Settings.
    Note: if you do not see this menu option, ask the CounterGo Administrator at your company to make the change or to give you access to Quote Settings.
  2. Click the Email button to view Email Templates.
  3. Click New Email Template.

  4. Enter a Template Name that will be easy to recognize. Enter the new email address and name.
    Customize the Subject line and Body. Click OK.

  5. To email a quote using this new template, open a Quote and click Email. Choose the new Template Name from the Email Template list.