Apply a Discount on a Quote

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To offer a discount on an individual Quote:

  1. In edit mode on Quote, click Step 6: Price Details
  2. Click the underlined Discount: -None- link at top left
  3. Enter the desired percentage discount. Click OK

Tips & hints

  • Discounts are calculated on line item unit price, not on line item extended price. For example, 100 sq ft of material at $19.80/sq ft, discounted 3% is calculated as $19.80 less 3.0% [$19.21 * 100 = $1,921.00], whereas a 3% discount on the line item extended regular price of $1,980.00 would be $1,920.60.
  • Any bold prices in the price details were overridden and a discount is not be applied. The discount can be applied manually by overriding the price including the discount or the price override can be cleared.
  • All discounted line items will be indicated with a 'D' to the right of the extended line item price. Items not marked as discounted either had the price overridden on the quote OR Allow Discount is unchecked on the Price List for that item.
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