Define a Recurring Calendar Appointment

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Calendar appointments can be set to repeat daily, weekly or monthly with additional filters to control the frequency and duration.


  1. On Calendar, click New Appointment... button
  2. Define appointment name, start date & time, duration, and assign it to person
    (or multiple people using the Select... button)
  3. Click the Select... button at the right edge of Recurring: field
  4. Specify the recurrence pattern and duration to have the appointment repeat.

Tips & tricks

  • To edit a recurring appointment, click on any occurrence and choose Edit Series:

  • To delete a recurring appointment,  click on any occurrence and choose Delete Series:
  • Once a recurring appointment is created, you can adjust individual occurrences by choosing Edit Appointment or Delete.
  • To create an indefinitely recurring appointment, set End by: date to '12/31/2075'
  • To create a recurring appointment every other Wednesday set Recur every  #  weeks to '2'.
  • To create a recurring appointment every Tuesday and Thursday, choose Weekly and check those days:

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