Adding Miscellaneous / Service Items to a Price List

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To charge for items not directly related to the countertop drawing, add Other Items to your price list. When you set up Other Items, you can for each item by the units that you define. And, you can have tiers of pricing based on the number of units. For example, you can have a tear-out item that is priced by square feet. Then you can charge $400 for anything up to 20 sq ft, and charge $20/sq ft for anything over that.

In general, it's best to add Other Items, but occasionally there are charges that will only appear on a single quote - in those cases, you can add Miscellaneous Items.



  1. Under the Price List menu, choose View Price Lists
  2. Click on the Price List you want to change, for example Retail
  3. Choose Edit Price List 'Retail'
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page
  • If you charge a flat rate, click on Add Other Item and enter a name and price such as Stairs $100

    NOTE: Choosing "Hide On Quote" means that the item won't be included when you print the quote or email it to customers. Choosing "Always Include This Item On Quotes" means that the Other Item will always show up on Step 6 of a quote (you can't delete it from there, but if you keep "Edit Price On Quote" checked, you can then set the price to zero.

    If you specify multiple options, you can get pretty sophisticated with your choices on Step 6:

  • If the charge is based on a unit such as sq. ft. or lin. ft., click on Add Unit-Priced Other Item
    • Example of Tear out for $6 per sq. ft.
    • Example of Tile Splash. 0-20 sq. ft. is $254 (one set price) anything over 20 sq. ft. is $12.95 per sq. ft. For this example you need to click on Add Range the complete the amounts as shown below:

To add the item to a quote

  1. Edit the quote and go to 6 Price Details
  2. Right above the Subtotal you'll see the option to Add Other Item

If you don't see the item you added in the drop-down list, make sure you update your quote to use the latest price list – you see an option to update the price list when you edit the quote.

Miscellaneous Items

If you’d like to use miscellaneous items, first go to the price list and enable them. Under the  Price List menu, choose View Price Lists. Double-click on the price list you’d like to edit.

Scroll down to the  Other Items section, and you’ll notice that by default, miscellaneous items are disabled. Click on Edit Miscellaneous Options, and check the box to enable them.
enable miscellaneous items

Now, you can add miscellaneous items to a quote. On a quote, go to  Step 6 – Price Details. Click on Add Other Items, and at the bottom of the list, you’ll see Add Miscellaneous Item. You can type in the description, quantity and price.

Add miscellaneous item

Using Miscellaneous Items for "optional upgrades"

Typically, when you add a miscellaneous item or other item on your quote, you want it to show a price. However, if you want to show an optional item on your quote that a customer can buy - but you don't want it included in the total - just put the price for the optional item directly in the description:

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