Add Notes to a Printed Quote

If you have additional information you want to communicate to your customer that is different on every quote, you can enter notes in the Quote Notes field and then display that field on your printable quote.

Type in the notes:
  1. Select Quote > View Quotes menu
  2. Double-click on the quote name to edit
  3. Click on the Edit Quote Info button near the upper left.
  4. Type in the Notes and click OK
Add the notes field to your printable quote form:
  1. Go to Quote > Edit Settings
  2. Double-click on the form name to edit
  3. Click on the Fields button and select Add Form Field...
  4. Select the Data Type – Quote Info and then select Notes
  5. This adds the field to the bottom of your form. Move the field by clicking on it and dragging it to a new location. Display multiple fields on a single row by clicking on a field and dragging it to the left or right of another field until you see two blue horizontal arrows.

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