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An Account User counts as a CounterGo user license.

Adding a new user will result an additional monthly user charge. You will be notified of this change during the user creation process and by email upon finalizing the new user.


Account Users are users in CounterGo that are only allowed to see, edit and create quotes for a specific Account. This is most commonly used by fabricators who work with kitchen & bath dealers or by companies who dedicate salespeople to a subset of Accounts.

What Account Users can & cannot do

Account Users are mostly defined by what they can't do. Security is intentionally limited with the rationale that Account Users are intended to be a dealer or salesperson responsible for generating quotes and not part of the everyday operations of a company.

More specifically, Account Users can:

  • Create and edit quotes
  • See a list of quotes for their accounts
  • Print quotes to give to their prospects / customers

Account Users cannot:

  • Send email directly from CounterGo
  • Edit prices
  • Add Miscellaneous Items
  • See the price list
  • Copy quotes
  • Delete quotes
  • See Account details
  • Change the salesperson
  • See a list of accounts
  • Create views - only the default view is available



To add a new Account User:

  1. As a CounterGo administrator, go to the Admin menu, and choose Users
  2. Click the New Account User... button (Account Users show up below regular Users on that page)
  3. Enter a User NamePassword, and Email Address for that user.
  4. In the Security Restrictions section, choose the appropriate Accounts, by clicking the Select... button.
  5. Choose the CG Quote Forms. Account users will only have permission to print the forms you select.
  6. Click OK
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