Add Price List to specific Accounts


Certain Price Lists are intended only for use with specific Accounts. For example, a Price List named ' Premier Dealer Pricing' may only apply to your top two kitchen & bath dealers.

Note: Another solution for this Premier Dealer example would be to add your standard Price List to the Account but then apply a Discount at the Account level so the discount is applied by default. See Related Articles below.

Add price list to one account

  1. Open the account that you want to add a price list to
  2. Click the Add CG-Price List button
  3. Choose the price list you want to add and click OK 

Add price list to many accounts at once

  1. Select Price List::View Price lists menu
  2. Click the Price List name to be tied to an Account(s) and select Add Price List to Accounts...
  3. Select individual Accounts that have access to this Price List. Click OK

Adding a price list to accounts is also useful after we've helped you import accounts into CounterGo. You can use the same steps to add all of your accounts to a price list.

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