Add Standard Terms at bottom of Quote

Adding Standard Agreement/Contract Terms to a Quote involves editing a Quote Form. For instructions on editing a Quote Form, see Related Articles below.


It's possible to add scanned terms by using a "Static Image" data type instead of Static Text ... but it's tricky to get a scanned image to look just right ... it's usually much easier to copy-and-paste text.

The simplest solution is to copy & paste the standard terms into a "static text" field on a Quote Form:

  1. Select Quote::Edit Settings menu

  2. Make sure Forms is selected at left, then click the Form to edit and choose Edit Form 'formname'
  3. Scroll to the bottom and click where it says Click to add fields to the body of the form

  4. Choose data type "Static Text" (at bottom), then copy & paste your terms into the dialog box
  5. If you want the terms always to show up on a separate page, click on the new field, select Insert Field, and then choose data type "Page Break"
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