Change slab inventory from Each to SQFT

If you have been tracking your slab inventory by EACH but are considering changing to track by SQFT instead, we suggest you give us a call to talk through the implications. There are many reasons to make the change, but it is a cumbersome process, and you will need to generate new serial numbers (you can keep the old ones in a custom field). You'll want to make sure the payoff is worth the investment of your time. 

Here's what's involved:

  1. Clean up your existing inventory in JobTracker.

    (a) Create a Report to show Incomplete Activities with Allocated Material. Notice if you have old Activities that were never marked complete. You do NOT need to fix those, but you will need to establish new, strict policies with staff to start marking activities complete. If you don't, your new inventory will be useless in a week and you'll have wasted your time.

    (b) Fix any negative inventory amounts.

    (c) Fix any Product names that might be inaccurate. We can help you assess. Some things we'll clean up during import.

    (d) Reorder your Attributes so they conform to the same pattern. For example, Attribute1 is always Granite Color or Cambria Color; Attribute2 is always Granite Thickness or Cambria Thickness, etc..
  2. Schedule a call with Moraware support so we can walk you through making your old Purchase Products inactive and then set up your new Purchase Product structure.
  3. All new Purchase Orders will be made using the new Purchase Products by SQFT.
  4. Create a Detailed Slab View of all the old slabs that were entered by EACH and paste into Excel.
  5. Clean up the Excel spreadsheet.

    (a) You will need to separate the values in your Product Variant column into Product, Attribute1, Attribute2, etc. Yes, this step is tedious. You might be able to find somebody who can help you use Excel functions to facilitate this step, or you might find it easier to just set somebody to the task of doing it manually.

    (b)You will also need to create columns for Length and Width and enter those values FOR EACH SLAB.
  6. Schedule time with Moraware Support to have us import your slab inventory back into JobTracker.
    (a) You will also go through the old slab products we previously made Inactive and set them so they don't appear in your Inventory list anymore.

  7. Reconcile any changes that might have happened since you exported your list of slabs.
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