Start over with a product in Inventory

For a variety of different reasons, fabricators occasionally want to "start over" with a product in Inventory.

If you make a product Inactive, you will no longer be able to select that product on a Purchase Order or Allocate any existing material to Job, but you will still see all the material that was already received (and not consumed) in your Inventory - unless you uncheck Track Inventory.

  1. Go to Purchasing > Edit Purchase Products and select the material you want to "reset".

  2. Rename the product (e.g., Marble - OLD).

  3. Assign to a family of Inactive Products. (This step just makes it easier to see what's important and what isn't when you're working in your Purchase Products.)
  4. Uncheck Track Inventory.
  5. Check Inactive.
  6. Now you can recreate the product. You can use the attributes that you used previously, or you can create new attributes.
  7. PO history will still be intact, but the product name will be changed.

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