Sample View: Emailed Quotes that have Not Been Viewed by customer


It's useful to know which emailed quotes have Not been viewed by potential customers.

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Select Quote::View Quotes
  2. Click Options...
  3. Clear unwanted filters and click Add Filter...
  4. Create a CG Quote Field filter where Quote Status is Active. Click OK
  5. Click Select Fields... and select Email Viewed Date, plus any addition fields you wish to display. Click OK
  6. Click the Email Viewed Date column header to sort by that column
  7. optional Click Save View... and provide a name such as "Unviewed Quote Emails"


View of Active Quotes where Email has Not been Viewed

Drilling into a single Quote to see why the email hasn't been viewed (Status can be Sent or Bounced - where bounced means the email address was undeliverable over a long time