Make attribute value inactive

If your inventory products contain discontinued colors, sink types, etc. you can make them inactive. The color will no longer be available for purchase on a PO. NOTE: the color won't be available to add to Jobs either, so you might want to simply rename the attribute with "- discontinued" added to the name. Then you can wait until you've consumed your in-stock inventory before making the attribute inactive.

Go to Purchasing > Edit Purchase Products.

  1. Scroll down to the Product Attribute section.
  2. Click on the product attribute name and select Edit list of values.
  3. Click on the Value and select Edit 'value'.
  4. Click in the Inactive checkbox and then click OK.Here is the result:

  5. (Optional) To hide inactive product variants on the Edit Costs page, click the Options... button near the top of the page and deselect "Display Inactive" (or click the Yes and change it to No).

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