Assign Fabrication Price for Each Price Group


Can I assign a separate fabrication price for different price groups? I need to separate material from fabrication for tax purposes, but I still want to charge more for the fabrication of more exotic colors.


Fabrication price can be different for each Product, but it can't be different for different colors within a product (unless you change it manually on Step 6).

If you really want to separate them, you can make separate Products for each price group ... 

On your price list, click Add Product and give it a name, like this:

Click Next and enter as few or as many colors as you like to that Product (you can even enter zero colors and just add a price group like "Any Color" later):

Then click Add Fabrication Charge, Filter by Product, and choose the new Product you just created:

That will allow you to enter a price for your Fabrication, unique for that Product. 

NOTE: The trade-off of this approach is that your salespeople need to know what group each product is in to find it, so only use this approach if it's absolutely necessary.

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