Add a Commission to Quotes


How do I add a commission to quotes?


There's not a built-in concept of a commission in CounterGo, but you can use an Other Item to achieve this.

NOTE: you'll have to calculate the actual commission amount outside of CounterGo and type it in for each quote - there's not a way to have CounterGo do the calculation itself.

Edit your price list, scroll down to the bottom, and click Add Other Item:

Give the item a name and check the options that apply to your situation:

You might want to check Hide On Quote - if you do this, the commission won't be visible to your customer.

You might want to check Always Include This Item on Quotes - but you'll typically have to move it into the correct Area on Step 6.

You probably don't want to check Allow Discount or Taxable.

You DO want to check Edit Price On Quote - and leave the Price as No price so that you're reminded to fill it in on Step 6 (unless you typically give a flat commission - then you can fill in a default price).

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