Draw an opening for a range


I see how to draw a cooktop, but how do I draw an opening for a range?


There's not a built-in way to draw a range. Instead you can draw a bump-in or simply make separate countertops.

Option 1: Draw a bump-in

The simplest way to account for a range is to draw a bump-in. On Step 2, click on an edge to add a bump-in and make the depth and width of the bump-in match the depth and width of the range:

The advantage of this approach is that it looks good on the drawing. It also charges the customer for the square footage of the entire rectangle - bump-ins do not cause square footage to be reduced (as calculated for material, fabrication, installation, etc.). That's usually the simplest way to charge for a range - just include it in the square footage.

Option 2: Draw two separate counters

If you don't want to charge for the square footage, then you need to draw two separate counters:

There's no way to draw a counter smaller than 3", so you might need to annotate the drawing. If you want to charge for the range opening (or the strip), you'll need to add an Other Item or Miscellaneous Item on Step 6 (see related articles).

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