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Job Tracker Help

Getting Started

Step-by-step instructions to get you up and running in JobTracker.

15 articles

Sales Toolkit (CRM)

Topics: Sales lead tracking overview, setup lead process, activities, views & reports

5 articles


Training videos on JobTracker topics: reporting, forms, leads, shop & external users

16 articles


Topics: Create/edit Jobs, job activities, custom fields, and useful sample views...

57 articles


Topics: manage accounts, custom fields, highlight account issues, use processes...

14 articles


Topics: scheduling, recurring appointment, define holidays, print activity packets...

37 articles


Topics: creating reports, useful sample reports, using filters, export to Excel...

20 articles

Users / Security

Topics: administer internal & external users, security roles, global settings, etc...

20 articles


Topics: Tech troubleshooting, printing in browser, PDFs, capturing screenshots...

18 articles

Inventory Edition

Topics: add/edit inventory, POs, allocate materials, assign serial #s, remnants...

100 articles

Frequently Asked Questions

Our knowledge base of useful questions and answers about JobTracker

191 articles

I Want To ...

11 articles

Original CounterGo Help


Topics: draw counter/island, layouts, corners, splashes, edges, uncommon shapes...

25 articles

Getting Started

1 article


Topics: Create & edit quotes, convert to Job, custom print layout, email...

45 articles

Pricing / Price Lists

Topics: create/maintain multiple price lists, add sinks & special items, revisions...

40 articles

Frequently Asked Questions

Topics: common questions asked by customers (FAQ)

18 articles

Sample Views

Examples of different Views with instructions for creating them

8 articles


Topics: printing quotes, print troubleshooting, setup printable forms, print slabs...

21 articles

Users / Security

Topics: add/edit users, create roles, security, external users, administration...

9 articles


Topics: web browsers, supported devices, Internet connection, errors...

5 articles