Exporting Data to MS Excel

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Requires MS Excel 2003 or newer


Microsoft recently tightened up security restrictions, so if you're getting this error, you MUST change your Internet Explorer security settings as discussed in this article.



Data can by copied & pasted from a JobTracker or CounterGo table into MS Excel, however exporting the data provides better formatting since it does not include icons and links.


  1. Create a View or Report showing the information to be exported into Excel.
    * For instructions on creating Views or Reports, see Related Articles at the bottom of this article.
  2. Click the Options... button, set Rows per page to at least the total number of rows in View / Report.
  3. Open MS Excel
    • In Excel 2003, go to Data::Import External Data::New Web Query
    • In Excel 2007, go to Data::From Web
  4. This opens a mini web browser. In the Address bar, enter the link to JobTracker/CounterGo, log in and navigate to the desired View or Report.
    * Alternatively copy & paste the URL from JobTracker/CounterGo using CTRL+C / CTRL+V.
  5. Click the yellow arrow pointing to the table you want to import. It will turn into a green checkmark.
  6. Click Import and click OK


  • Once exported, data can be sorted, charted, edited and saved like any other spreadsheet.
  • The resulting spreadsheet can be used as input to a mail merge in MS Word or other program.

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