Set Work Days & Holidays on Calendar

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In addition to the default work days and work hours, holidays can be defined on the Calendar. Auto-scheduled tasks are not scheduled on non-work days or on holidays. To have auto-schedule skip a holiday, simply add it to the list of holidays.

Step-by-step: Setting Work Days / Work Hours

  1. Select Calendar::Edit Settings menu
  2. Click Calendar Settings tab
  3. Click Edit Settings... button and adjust the work days / hours accordingly.

You can schedule activities even on non-work days, but you can't set a start time before your Scheduling Hours start (or set a duration that would cause them to end after).

Video: Adding Holidays

Step-by-step: Adding Holidays

Note: after creating a new holiday, any auto-scheduled activities falling on that date will automatically be re-scheduled.

  1. Select Calendar::Edit Settings menu
  2. Click Holidays tab
  3. Click New Holiday... button to add a new holiday.

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