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Different printing formats can be created for the Calendar by using Calendar Printable Forms. Calendar information can be printed for a given day or just specific activity types or items for specific assignees.

The basic process: Start with a blank form or copy an existing form, add fields, fine tune the format & print.



  1. Select Calendar::Edit Settings menu
  2. Either: 
    • Click the New Printable Form... button
    • Copy an existing Calendar Form Template by clicking the Form Template name and select Duplicate Form Template...
  3. Add fields to the form by clicking on the form and selecting from the Data Type below:
    • Job Activity Info - Print fields from the job and account. After selecting this data type, a drop-down list of fields appears.
    • Static Text - type in any text you want to appear on the form
    • Separator - for section headers to make the form more readable
    • Static Image - attach a file with an image to print.
      (The image file must have an extension of .bmp, .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .png)
  4. Modify the Format
    • Add a logo to the header by clicking on the form and selecting Edit Header... Click to the right of Logo and select <New Logo File>. Browse to the logo file and click OK
      (The logo file must have an extension of .bmp, .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .png)
    • Move a field by clicking on it and dragging it to a new location. Display multiple fields on a single row by clicking on a field and dragging it to the left or right of another field until you see 
    • Click Edit Form Info... button to change the form width and set default values for borders, label position, font, text color and background color.
    • Double-click a field to change the style settings or 'hide field when blank'. To make style changes to multiple fields, click  and select Edit Form Fields...
    • Select which Address lines are included by editing the field and clicking the Configure... button
    • Select which material details are included such as serial number by editing the Activity Material field and clicking Configure...
    • Delete a field by clicking on it and selecting Delete. To delete multiple fields, click  and select Delete Form Fields...
  5. Print the form
    1. Go to Calendar::View Calendar
    2. Click Printable View... button and make selections:
      • Date - select the start date
      • Activity Types - select specific activities or leave blank to print data for all activities
      • Assign To - select specific assignees or leave blank to print data for all assignees
      • Number of Days - select the number of days to print
      • Page Breaks - select the criteria for page breaks
      • Job Activity Packet - click the radio button to select a job activity packet
      • Calendar Form - click the radio button and select a calendar printable form and job forms to print
    3. Print the form from your web browser. (File::Print) If necessary, change your web browser print settings to prevent the URL or other text from printing at the top or bottom of the page and to adjust the margins.

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